XPS Foam Insulation Board for Underfloor Heating 6mm / 10mm / 12mm -Thermal Pro Warm Insulating Board

XPS Foam Insulation Board for Underfloor Heating  6mm / 10mm / 12mm -Thermal Pro Warm Insulating Board

(The price is per board BUT we only sell them in packs of 5 so you must round up or down to the nearest 5 - 5, 10,15,20 - its not 5 boards for £5)

20mm XPS foam insulation underfloor heating (UFH) boards for 10-15mm flexible pipe wet system underfloor heating. High compressive strength of 400 kpA ideal to accommodate a variety of floor coverings, for wooden/laminate floors or to be tiled onto directly (porcelain/ceramic tiles)

[MAKES UNDERFLOOR HEATING MORE EFFICIENT & SAVES MONEY]  With a U Value of 2.23 W/m² x K, the XPS foam insulation boards are suited to lay below any underfloor heating installation - retaining heat in the room making it more energy efficient & saving cost - simply lay below the underfloor heating system/foil mat

[XPS FOAM INSULATION BOARDS 6MM / 10MM / 12MM] High compressive strength (30tonnes / m²) suitable for a range of applications such flooring - lay below foil layer on underfloor heating systems to retain heat internally - ensuring efficient heat distribution and energy savings.

[INSULATED XPS FOAM CORE & MOISTURE RESISTANT] Hard backer board has great water resistance & insulation properties to keep your tiles warm to touch as well as ideal for under floor heating application ensuring heat is retain within the room and thus making installations more energy efficient - U value as low as 2.23 W/m²

[EASY TO INSTALL SIZE  - 600MM X 1200MM] Tile backer comes in a convenient size for transporting up stairs and laying - Simply lay the boards in a staggered brick bond pattern and lay heating matt over the top. Secure the boards to the subfloor using flexible tile adhesive if tiling over.

[CUTS WITH A STANLEY KNIFE] Tile backer boards cut with a sharp or hot stanley knife & straight edge, saving time and money on expensive power tools as well as capable of cutting various shapes and sizes by hand such as cutting around pipes, furniture and appliances etc. & no pre-drilling required

Board Features & Benefits:

  • 1200 x 600mm +/-5% tolerance Boards (individual board size) which makes it very easy to transport and move around on site - Price is for each board which is 0.72 sq m (you need 1.4 x boards to cover 1 sq m - we recommend ordering +10% to allow for wastage / offcuts etc.)
  • 6mm Thick / 10mm / 12mm
  • Good insulation -  reducing condensation - makes it a great surface to fit one of our electric underfloor heating systems onto & non-conductive surface reduces condensation by masking any cold bridging from the substrate beneath
  • <0.1 vol % Moisture Absorption
  • Has a high compressive strength of over 30 Tonnes per sq.m making it incredibly strong
  • High compression strength and lightweight
  • Compressive Strength (10% deflection to EN 826:1996) Minimum of 0.3N/mm2
  • Flammability to EN 13501-1 Class E
  • Impact Sound Reduction (BS-ISO140-8) 21 dLw 
  • Density  36kg/m3 (DIN 53420)
  • Bending Stiffness, E( 20mm / 30mm) 601KNmm2 / 1285 kN/mm 2
  • Seal edges with foil aluminium tape 

Number of Sq M Required (m²)No of boards Required

Boards are price individually and only sold in packs/multiples of 5 hence you may need to round up to the nearest 5 ie. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc...


U-value W/m2 x K
λd Rated value


Assessed to


DensityDIN 5342032 kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity (initial)DIN 526120.034 Watt/mK
Thermal Conductivity (>5yrs)ASTM C5180.036 Watt/mK
Compressive Strength (10% deflection)DIN 53421Minimum of 0.3N/mm2
Flexural StrengthASTM C2030.30     ±0.02 MPa
Water Absorption (2-day immersion)ISO28960.2% by volume
Water Absorption (Capillary)DIN 53428Zero
Coefficient of linear expansionN/A70 x 10-6 K-1
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistivity (µ)DIN 52615110 - 225 µ
Water Vapour PermeabilityASTM E-960.028 ng/Pa.m.s
Fire EuroclassBS EN 13501-1 Class E

Board thickness
in mm
Net thickness
xps in mm
(m².K) /W
W/m²x K
Rated value

Can I place an order over the telephone?

Afraid Not, but we can send you a quote or proforma invoice. Due to our 3D Secure card payment systems, all card payments are taken via the website. If you cannot order via the website, at your request we can send a proforma invoice by email for bank transfer payment only. A proforma invoice for bank transfer payment can also be processed via the website, add items to basket and select bank transfer at checkout. Once you complete the checkout you will be able to print & also be emailed a profoma invoice for bank transfer payment 

Can I collect?

Yes but all goods are stocked in our Cardiff depot. Select click and collect at checkout and you will be emailed a collection address & reference usually within 1-2 hours of placing the order for stock items (Mon to Fri 9 - 5)

How long do orders take to arrive?

This depends on the courier service selected at checkout which varies according on the size of the item. Please refer to the delivery options at checkout for various speeds. All goods are dispatched same working day for orders placed before 5pm. After 5pm this will be dispatched on the next working day.

Some typical courier services we offer (note couriers work working days only unless specifically paid for a Saturday delivery)

- Free 1-3 day delivery on standard sized items (under 1.2m) 

- Next working day from £12.50

- Long length (items over 1.2m) on a 1-3 working day service

- Economy 2-4 working day service (this is working days so if you order on a friday, 4 days will be monday, tuesday, wednesday & thursday for delivery - sat/sun not counted)

- Economy 4-7 working days (this is working days so if you order on a monday (4-7 days will be friday, monday, tuesday, wednesday for delivery - sat/sun not counted)

NOTE - if you order a customised / custom made product / out of stock product say for instance on a 3 day lead time. The delivery time will be 3 days to process/manufacture + whatever delivery speed you select ie. 3 day lead time + 2-3 working days means it could take up to 6 WORKING DAYS to receive your goods.

My delivery has been delayed - can I claim compensation?

No. We user a number of nationwide courier networks. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a guaranteed courier service and as such, no courier is 100% on time without damages or loss (typically 95-98% is industry standard) which is why we recommend 3 things.

    1. Order goods at least 1-2 days in advance of then they are needed.

    2. Do not book/attend the job until you have received goods 

    3. Check goods condition and quantity on delivery before attending a job.

If you have paid for a premium courier service ie. next day, pre 12 etc. and its missed this deadline, we can only apologies and part refund the delivery costs only by downgrading to the next available service. ie. pre-12 failed but arrived at 1pm - this would be downgraded from a pre-12 to a next day and part refunded. At typical courier costs for box rates in the region of £5-10 - NO, a courier is not going to reimburse several hundreds pound of labour, time or other consequential loss, otherwise they wouldn't be in business long. If the item is so desperate that you must have it at all costs that day, we recommend you select the click and collect option at checkout and arrange your own transport which you are in control of. If your item is so time critical that it must be there by a set time or cancelled, we recommend you do not order as we do not offer a free cancelation service and only a downgrade service in the event of courier delays. We do not offer the premium courier services by choice, but only by customer demand on the basis that the majority that is >95% are on time.

Do you offer a next day service?

Yes from £12.50 on standard sized items under 1.2m in length, simply select at checkout if available for your entered postcode. We also ship a number of bulky oversized items such as steel doors, skirting boards, decking, some of which is 3m long and can weigh as much as 2000kg for a typical shipment. Please appreciate this is not something we can put through a regular courier like royal mail of UPS. Hence, whilst the majority of customers, price is key, we offer a range of subsidised delivery costs on the economy delivery service such as 2-4 working days or 4-7 working days. We have also negotiated next day and 1-2 day services on such large/bulky items with our couriers for those customers that need it fast - but please appreciate that getting a 2 tonne 3m pallet of decking ordered at 2pm in the afternoon from our depot in Cardiff up to the north of Edinburgh on an overnight service is no mean feat and as such does come with a small cost.

What time you do deliver?

We use standard couriers which operate 8am to 6pm, unfortunately we are not able to give a specific time slot. If you are a business that operates on a part day basis ie. 9am to 3pm - it may be worth paying for a time specific ie. pre12 or a book in delivery to avoid disappointment and extra incurred delivery charges for failed deliveries as when the courier state 8am to 6pm, they mean the delivery could take place at 8.01am or even 5.59pm.

Will I get a call before delivery

No. This is a courier service, the drivers are expected to do as many as 150 drops in some areas a day so they do not have time or are even given mobile phones to call customers ahead.  For this reason you need to ensure somebody is present at the property during the day of delivery during the delivery window 8am to 6pm to avoid disappointment and extra incurred delivery charges for failed deliveries. If you have paid for a book in service, this means the courier will call you to book in a specific day that is suitable for yourself but the driver again does not call ahead on that selected day. This is a industry standard operating hours simply putting 'we are closed at 3pm' on the notes will not make the courier reschedule their entire route network which is determined by a computer. If you close before 6pm, we recommend selecting the pre-12 service or collecting with your own courier.

Will the driver bring the goods into my property, site, garden or other

No. The courier service is kerbside only to main goods in door/main entrance door. Larger items that are palletised . oversizes are kerbside only.

How do I contact customer service?

Email operate a remote customer services which will reply as soon as they have a response. Information such as tracking, technical or similar is not something that can be given over the phone which and most customer service enquiries some form of investigation, ie. finding and checking tracking, contacting courier etc. which is why we operate an EMAIL ONLY customer services, fitting with the current day and age and method of business, rather then keep you on hold for 30-40 minutes while we get hold of a courier as well as creating a paper trail for any customer service issues. Its not always immediate or within the hour depending on the nature of the enquiry. ie. if you are missing 1 box of an order and we are waiting for a courier who handle 20,000 boxes per day to find it. Its not instantaneous no matter how many times you email. 

 I need a VAT invoice, how do I get a copy?

  • A VAT invoice gets auto-generated with every order and emailed to you (it maybe worth checking your junk folder)

Still need a VAT invoice? Email us with your order number/date/amount to for a copy 


Do we have an account with you?

No, we do not offer accounts, you may have a log in for the website to see previous orders etc but we do not offer credit accounts


Can you offer credit/trade accounts?

No, we are strictly a pre-paid website. Credit facilities ultimately have a cost factor. We prefer to keep costs as low as passing discounts/cost savings back to trade customers.


Can I get a 'trade' discount?

We only sell trade materials to the trade, as such we do not offer discounts,  apart from the bulk quantity discounts on select products which are already set up on the website this will be shown under the main price as a QTY + price break. Discount is automatically applied at checkout based on the quantity in the basket.  Note. if you have ordered an add on or upgrade option with an additional cost shown by the +£X.XX, the discount price for product will be the relevant discounted price break as shown PLUS + the cost of add on / upgrade. In essence, the bulk quantity discount applies to the standard part of the product only (although the entire item, standard product + add on will be discounted by the same proportion should the QTY be hit)


Do you process purchase orders?

Yes. We can process purchase orders for bank transfer payment ONLY. Email any purchases orders using part codes and prices shown on the website.


Are items in stock?

Yes, we keep good stock levels, if the website allows you to add goods to the basket they will be in stock. If not in stock it will show a lead time below the price ie. 5-7 days etc. Note lead times are WORKING DAYS ONLY.


Can I get a quote?

Yes, email your list to or select our webchat below.

What couriers do you use?

We use a range of couriers depending on the size and speed of the delivery service selected. Tracking is emailed out overnight on the day of dispatch which you can track yourself.


How much is postage?

If you add all goods to the shopping basket and enter your postcode, the various delivery costs and speeds will be displayed with prices to select from.


I am not in the UK, can I still order?

Yes, If you add all goods to the shopping basket and select your country, the various delivery costs and speeds will be displayed with prices to select from.

My delivery is damaged

Please notify the driver of the damage at the point of delivery and if the courier is one with a signature pad, sign for as Damaged. Do not sign unchecked otherwise any claim for damage will be invalidated.

Within 24 hours of delivery please ensure you email us photos of the damage to the product, the damage to the box and the courier delivery label. This MUST BE SENT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY. AFTER THIS TIME THE COURIER WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR A CLAIM. For thjis reason we remind customers of this multiple times: One the website. Via email at point of dispatch. Via SMS if a mobile number at point of dispatch. With large bright warning labels on the goods themselves. 

I am an end-user / DIY'er - can I buy?

Please note we are predominantly TRADE ONLY supplier delivering to manned business addresses with goods in staff- selling trade ready products to professional trades: we supply trade products to professional trades. If you are en end user looking to purchase on of our products we strongly suggest you pass on the information to your installer who understands the products and service included and thus deem if its fit for purpose,  as we do not offer a 'try before you buy service', nor accept responsibility for any misinterpretation and as such, as a B2B only supplier, restocking / return to sender fees apply.  Unfortunately we are not able to train or teach diy/end-users how to use / install our products. Its deemed when a trade customer purchases our products, sufficient knowledge, skill & expertise are there to install the product in question. Yes as an end customer you may think you may save a few £ buy ordering direct from us but please be warned, from experience if you order the incorrect size, spec, QTY or other it may cost you more in the long run which is why we advise you leave it to a trade professional to supply you with a complete supply and fit quote and thus take the burden & responsibility. Further to that, our couriers are set up for delivering to business addresses with a goods in sector. If you do deliver to a home address, thats fine but please be mindful if needs to be manned on the delivery dates which if you select an economy service 4-7 working days between 8am to 6pm means yes it will need manning during these times. We do not leave goods unattended. 









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