This document sets forth the warranty policy of the www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK or the authorised reseller (Seller) organisation from which you (‘Purchaser’) purchase products. After 12 month from point of sale, any extended warranties are handled directly with the product manufacturer. Please check with each manufacturer for registration requirements and dates.

This policy is applicable only to those products supplied and/or branded purchased within Europe.

This warranty policy only applies if referred to in a sales agreement between www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK/Authorised reseller/purchaser and it will replace the standard warranty clause provided in the general terms and conditions of sale. This is not a contract between THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK & the‘end-user’, installer or other.

What does this limited warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty applies to THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK Lighting products, purchased from www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK directly or an authorised reseller, by the original purchaser for normal use. www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK warrants that a covered product is free from defects in materials, workmanship or proper operating parameters, with the exceptions stated below. The foregoing warranty shall be valid for the period mentioned in the applicable warranty policy for Products as referenced to in your sales agreement, and will commence on the day of invoice.

·        If any Product covered has failed in excess of the failure rate projected by life expectancy when the products are operated correctly and in accordance with the guidelines outlined in technical guides, www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK will under this warranty, provided that the product is returned by purchaser is within the applicable warranty period set forth in the warranty policy and upon examination hence to determine to its satisfaction that such Product failed to satisfy this warranty,at its option, repair or replace the Product or the defective part thereof, or closest match. For purposes of clarity, ‘repair or replace the Product or the defective part thereof’ does not include any removal or re-installation activities, costs or expenses, including without limitation, labour costs or expenses. (economic life for failed Products in excess of the failure rate projected by life expectancy curves when the products are operated correctly and in accordance with the guidelines outlined in product technical guides – based on 5000hours/year of operation)

·        No agent, distributor or dealer is authorised to change, modify or extend the terms of the limited warranty on behalf of www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK in any matter.

How long does limited warranty coverage last?

This limited warranty lasts for a period of 12montha from the date of invoice (unless stated otherwise - based on 5000hrs/year of operation). In the case of 60 month warranties, installations must be registered within 90-days of installation with a detailed description of:

1.    details of the installed products; for system warranties also details of other components used, and installation site details including description, address, operations and expected annual use;

2.    installation date and invoice date;

3.    distributor name, address, contact details;

Only if the installation is registered within 90 days of installation, will goods be considered under extended 60-month warranties.

A valid proof of purchase may be required to prove eligibility. If you do not have a valid proof of purchase, the limited warranty period will be measured from the date of sale from the authorised distributor.

What does this limited warranty NOT cover?

·        The limited warranty does not cover incidents where product/installation has undergone unauthorised use, misuse, accident, modification or alteration to hardware or software, tampering, unsuitable physical or operating environment beyond product specifications, improper maintenance, or failure caused by a product for which www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK is not responsible. There is no warranty for loss of business. There is no warranty for product with removed or altered identification labels. THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK is not responsible for returning the original return product to you, which is not covered by this limited warranty.

·        Where goods have been used beyond a normal usage policy of 5000hrs/year, unless otherwise agreed prior in writing.

·        This warranty does not apply to damage or failure to perform arising as a result of any Acts of God or from any abuse, misuse, abnormal use or use in violation of any applicable standard, code or instructions for use including without limitation those  contained in the latest safety, industry and/or electrical standards for the relevant region(s).

·        This warranty shall be void in the event any repairs or alterations, not duly authorised by www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK in writing, are made to the Product by any person. www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK reserves the right to make the final decision on the validity of any warranty claim.

What must you do?

If you are having trouble with a product, before seeking limited warranty service, first follow the troubleshooting procedures that www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK or your reseller provides.

To obtain limited warranty service, you must first obtain a ‘Return Materials Authorisation’ and ship-to address by contacting your www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK directly (sales@THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK) or the authorised reseller at and following the guidelines as set out in this policy:

·        All warranty periods mentioned are subjected to a www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK representative having access to the failed product or system for verification of non-compliance. Guarantee claims have to be reported and returned to the place of purchase within 30 days after discovery, specifying at least the following information (additional info may be required on request):

5.    details of the failed Products; for System warranties also details of other components used;

6.    installation date and invoice date;

7.    detailed problem description, number and % of failures, date-code of failure;

8.    application, hours burned and switching cycles;

9.    Where a warranty claim is justified, the Purchaser will pay for return freight expenses. www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK may charge Customers for returned Products that are not found to be defective or non conforming together with the freight, testing and handling costs associated therewith.

The Purchased is liable for the return of the covered product using approved packaging to our logistics centre, which be provided once submitting a returns request. For warranty service or repair, the purchaser shall prepay all shipping charges to www.THISISWHOLESALE.CO.UK / authorised reseller. The seller will assume shipping charges to return the repaired or replaced item to the Purchaser, however, the Purchaser shall pay all duties and taxes for products returned from a country other than that of the United Kingdom.